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I take this as a great pleasure to get in touch with my fans 'coz they are the ones who have been cheering me from the beginning. Many do advice me and give their opinions and I too work out things for them. Believe it or not, here are some of the realities happening around me and I hope that my fans would be really benefited out of these. Get to know about those facts and give your feedback. Click here to send your comments / enquiries.
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• In 2000, 2 Lakhs notebook were issued with my photo on the front and some advices to my younger fans at the back.
• In 2001, 3 Lakhs notebook were issued in the same manner.
  • While education has become one among the vital needs, I take the opportunity in educating 32 children free of cost every year.
  Extending my aid, In the year 2000 - 12 free weddings were conducted and in the year 2001 - 17 weddings were conducted.
  Continuing to reach out my fans, during rainy season, 500 free raincoats were issued for rickshaw men in the year 2000 and 14th November 2001, 1000 raincoats were issued. Take a glance at the pictures taken during that event.
  For a fulfilled contentment and happiness, every week 5000 autographed photos are being sent to the fans on request.
Click here to send your request for an autographed photo. Take a glance at some of the photos sent to the fans.
Many people don't get the chance to work out things for the Almighty. But I feel lucky enough in that regards to do something to God. When we went for worship to a famous Shiva temple in a village at Kaveripattinam, the path going to the mount was very dark at night without any streetlights. We felt the problem even like the other devotees and as the villagers requested, streetlights were arranged to go to the mount. I take the pleasure and the opportunity that God gave me for putting the streetlights for Rs. 3 lakhs. During the inauguration of that function, I was very glad to encourage many students who got good marks by giving prizes.